Whether it be for an existing home or a new build, we take your individual needs and incorporate them into a tamper-proof, solid system. We want you to have total control of your EBD system from day one, and we take all the time necessary to ensure that you understand the products and features fully. After all, what good is having a completely secure home or office if it’s not simple enough for each client to use?


When you purchase an EBD security system, you also receive the best and brightest ideas that our industry has to offer. Continually trained, certified and re-certified, our techs will efficiently install and maintain your system to the highest standards in the state of Florida.CCTV Security Cameras We work closely with the government inspectors and marshals, oftentimes setting the benchmark by which the other companies in the area are judged. Our installation team gets going at 8am and while most outfits leave at 5, EBD stays until the job is complete. Typically, new construction has 2 phases for every security system: the “pre-wire” and the “trim-out. Our veteran techs make short work of both phases, giving you fast, dependable service. Even in the event of a serious user error or electrical outage, we are able to quickly come to your aid, rectifying the situation and doing whatever is necessary to give you peace of mind.


EBD carries all brands of integrated or stand-alone security products. We can also update/retrofit your current security system to current code with ease. Naturally, we provide monitoring for all of our security systems. In addition, we can probably monitor your existing system for less money than you are currently paying for service!

CCTV Home Security System