The Ultimate Connection

Integration, for most people, is tying their television into their stereo system. Our clients can have their security system, audio/video, home lighting, thermostats, ventilation, appliances, and home office tied into one simple, yet durable system. Your intelligent house turns on your home electronics, tunes to your favorite news channel. Your Jacuzzi begins heating, and your PC comes out of standby and checks your email right on your TV. Our systems can effortlessly combine home devices, appliance controls, heating/air as well as all remotes to one self-powered central controller. Most recently, we have the technology to allow you to monitor almost every aspect of the state of your home or office from any internet connection in the world. With limitless possibilities, simplicity is a huge part of “the good life” This is our mindset, our lifestyle, our ambition, and our passion. The end result for the Concierge Home Systems client is a hassle-free, lifestyle where they can focus more on living rather than just occupying their home.